Oil Price: $81.19 per barrel

National Average Gas Price: $3.15
per gallon

August News Archives
Oil sinks as global economy slows -CNN Money (8-15-08)
Democrats distort oil drilling debate -FORTUNE commodities desk (8-14-08)
Environmental Activists, Not Oil Companies, Blocking Domestic Drilling -FOX News Opinion (8-14-08)
Oil Rises Before Report That May Show Gasoline Supply Drop -Bloomberg (8-13-08)
Oil-rich fund buyinh foreclosed US homes -New York Post (8-11-08)
Opec income hits record as oil prices soar (8-11-08)
Oil prices slide beneath $114 -Breitbart (8-8-08)
Oil surpasses $120, halting slide -AP (8-7-08)
Oil Falls 20% From July Record, Reaches Bear Market Threshold -Bloomberg (8-6-08)
Pelosi privately tells Dems they can back drilling -Politico (8-5-08)
Oil falls as low as $118 on demand concerns -AP (8-5-08)

July News Archives
Bush Presses Congress to Vote on Oil Drilling Before Vacation -BL (7-31-08)
Gas Prices Not Enough to Spur Congress -TheStreet (7-28-08)
Arctic's oil could meet world demand for 3 years -Reuters (7-23-08)
Oil Falls Below $125 as U.S. Fuel Supplies Gain, Demand Drops -Bloomberg (7-23-08)
Analyst Says Prices Could Go To $3.50 A Gallon By Labor Day -CBS Chicago (7-23-08)
Oil rises on Iran, storm -CNN Money (7-21-08)
Gas Prices Not Enough to Spur Congress -TheStreet (7-28-08)
Oil prices tumble again on US surprise supply jump -AP Business (7-16-08)
Bush Says Drill, Drill, Drill — and Oil Drops $9! -Larry Kudlow for National Review (7-15-08)
Bush won't demand conservation -Politico (7-15-08)
Oil Sinks to Near $138 on US Economic Worries -CNBC (7-15-08)
Venezuela's Chavez says oil could reach $300 -Reuters (7-14-08)
Gas: Under $4 a gallon and falling -CNN (7-28-08)
Bush to lift executive ban on offshore drilling -AP (7-14-08)
Oil prices inch higher after Iran test-fires missiles, US crude inventories fall -AP (7-9-08)
Top Democrat may back new offshore drilling -Reuters (7-9-08)
Pickens Sticks with $150 Oil; Could Fall to $100 -CNBC (7-8-08)
Oil down more than $8 in 2 days -AP (7-8-08)
Oil prices briefly soar to record near $146-AP (7-3-08)
Hunting for oil villains -Fortune (7-2-08)
Crude oil to hit $160 a barrel by Dec., Global Insight says -MW (7-2-08)
Oil Crisis Worsening! What's Next -M&M (7-2-08)
High gas prices threaten to shut down rural towns -USAT (7-2-08)
Shale In America's West Holds More Oil Than the Middle East -CBS (7-1-08)
Saudi king urges consumers to get used to high oil prices -AFT (7-1-08)
Goldman Sachs: $5.75 Per Gallon Gas Coming -NM (7-1-08)

June News Archives
Iran threat to close oil Strait of Hormuz -SMH (6-30-08)
U.S. 'preparing the battlefield' in Iran -CNN (6-30-08)
ANWR - the real story? -ImplodeExplode (6-28-08)
Analysis: Using less can hold down gasoline prices-USA Today (6-26-08)
Gas Prices Have Leveled Off, but Americans Don't Believe Spike is Over-US News & World Report (6-26-08)
$9 Gasoline Will Make You Love Public Transportation -Bloomberg (6-24-08)
Alaska guv to Sen. Reid: Start drilling in ANWR! -WND (6-24-08)
Rhetorical gimmicks no substitute for oil exploration -ACJ (6-24-08)
Democrats in Senate Seek to Block Deals for Iraqi Oil -NYT (6-24-08)
The crude reality of rising gas prices -NewsDay (6-24-08)
Gas could fall to $2 if Congress acts, analysts say -MW (6-23-08)
With Oil's Rise, Floridians Shift on Drilling -WSJ (6-23-08)
Deepwater oil fields are a final frontier; video -USAT (6-23-08)
Oil rises despite Saudi output pledge -AP (6-23-08)
The Oil War Explodes -FOX (6-19-08)
China Surprise: Fuel Prices Raised By 17%-18% -WSJ (6-19-08)
Drivers cut back by 30B miles -USAT (6-19-08)
Deals with Iraq are set to bring oil giants back -IHT (6-19-08)
Dearth of Ships Delays Drilling of Offshore Oil -NYT (6-19-08)
Will More Drilling Mean Cheaper Gas? -TIME (6-19-08)
House Democrats Call for Nationalization of Refineries -FOX (6-18-08)
Oil producer, consumer moves may scare speculators -Reuters (6-18-08)
Gov. Crist Does Off-Shore Drilling Pirouette -DigitalJournal.com (6-18-08)
Bush to Congress: Embrace energy exploration now -AP (6-18-08)
McCain Seeks to End Offshore Drilling Ban -The Washington Post (6-17-08)
Obama echoes Carter -Breitbart (6-17-08)
America, are you still sitting on your gas? -Norris/WND (6-16-08)
Drill now, drill here, pay less -Trib (6-15-08)
Oil's high price:limited supply or speculator greed? -Reuters (6-16-08)
Oil hits record near $140 a barrel on dollar, fire -Reuters (6-16-08)
Saudis consider boost in oil output -FT (6-15-08)
A World Affloat on an Ocean of Oil -USAD (6-15-08)
Crude up 697% since 11/01, surpasses dot.com mania -BL (6-13-08)
Oil Bull Market Has Years to Go -Jim Rogers/MN (6-13-08)
Exxon selling service stations, gas price is too high -DMN (6-13-08)
Dollar, oil speculators feed G8 inflation fears -Forbes (6-13-08)
Fuelish Democrats -Fred Barnes/WS (6-12-08)
UAE plans world's largest petrochemical complex -AB (6-12-08)
Why the UAE? Why not the USA... the largest user of oil in the world?
If You Want Your Gas Bill To Drop...Drill -Sen. Larry Craig (6-12-08)
It will take governmental guts to cure America's gas pains -PI (6-12-08)
Oil Falls as Dollar's Gain Reduces Appeal of Commodities -BL (6-12-08)
Half a Million Americans Petition Congress to Drill for Oil Now -AS (6-11-08)
Stocks tumble as oil price surges -AP (6-11-08)
Oil may peak at $150-$170 -Commerzbank (6-11-08)
Airlines desperate to cut fuel costs -IHT (6-11-08)
Oil crisis: McCain vs. Obama -CNN (6-10-08)
Analyst Predicts $5.75 Gas and $200 Oil on Iran Angst -NewBlaze (6-9-08)
Russia's Gazprom Predicts $250 Oil by 2009 -CNBC (6-10-08)
Fuel prices to 'destroy' wealth -BL (6-10-08)
The silver lining to black gold's high price -DPlanet (6-9-08)
Morgan Stanley: Oil May Reach $150 by July 4 - MoneyNews (6-6-08)
Crude politics: Oil policy changes and protests -FT (6-5-08)
Beyond gasoline: Prices surge for oil-based goods -CSM (6-5-08)
The Gas Prices We Deserve -WashPost (6-5-08)
Oil sands demand spurs U.S. refinery boom -G&M (6-5-08)
Is Oil the Next 'Bubble' to Pop? -WSJ (6-5-08)
So. Dakota OK's first new oil refinery in 32 years -Journ (6-4-08)
Our Own Oil Cartel -CNS (6-4-08)
Oil reserves 'will last decades' -BBC (6-4-08)
Greens' stranglehold on Congress -WND (6-4-08)
Buyers go for small cars as gas prices rise -USAT (6-3-08)
Pray at the Pump group pleads for divine intervention -HChron (5-31-08)
Pickens Says CFTC Probe of Oil a `Waste of Time' -BL (6-3-08)
Dakota Oil Fields of Saudi-Sized Reserves Make Farmers Drillers -BL (6-3-08)
The Tipping Point for Oil -Townhall (6-2-08)
The day of reckoning -Farah/WND (6-2-08)
Oil-price supernova spurs search for alternatives -Reuters (6-2-08)
The new reality; $4 a gallon gas, Craig Smith live -WBZ (6-2-08)
Craig Smith featured on The Corner, WDRC (podcast) (6-2-08)
The Art and Commentary of Michael Michalczyk -WDCR (6-1-08)
US Treasury chief: no 'quick fix' on oil -AP (6-1-08)
The Oil Pimps -JCR (6-1-08)

May News Archives
$5 a gallon? More? Not if we can help it -WND (5-30-08)
Double, double, oil and trouble -Economist (5-29-08)
Underestimating the value of natural gas -MW (5-30-08)
Natural-Gas-Powered Cars Fetching Big Bucks -PopSci (5-28-08)
Exxon Optimistic Canadian Oil Sands Despite Court Action -CNN (5-30-08)
U.S. Probes Crude Oil Trading for Price Manipulation -BL (5-30-08)
Don't Believe Oil-Bubble Babble -Forbes (5-30-08)
Mounting Costs Slow the Push for Clean Coal -NYT (5-30-08)
Texas oil firm seeks to educate the public -Forum (5-29-08)
Ohio Sen. Brown responds to oilsolution.org supporter -Forum (5-29-08)
San Diego firm turns green slime into black gold -LATimes (5-29-08)
$4 gas – it's our fault -CSMon. (5-29-08)
Eight reasons higher prices will do us a world of good -MW (5-29-08)
Energy and resource in high demand -Newfuelnow (5-28-08)
Think Gas is High? Try Europe -TIME (5-28-08)
Politicians seek ethanol exit strategy -MarketWatch (5-28-08)
Oil Rises After Morgan Stanley Says Oil May Reach $150 -Bl (5-28-08)
Oil prices: The complete Q&A -Telegraph (5-28-08)
Fuel prices' toll on U.S. economy -CSMon (5-27-08)
Oil Crisis: Blame It on the Fed? -CNBC (5-28-08)
OPEC says oil should be $60-$70 a barrel -SkyNews (5-28-08)
Black Gold and Greenbacks: Blame It on the Fed -Barrons (5-25-08)
Time to do something about oil -AsiaTimes (5-28-08)
Germany in call for ban on oil speculation -Telegraph (5-27-08)
George Soros: rocketing oil price is a bubble -Telegraph (5-27-08)
It's Not an Oil Crisis, It's a Dollar Crisis -Europac (5-23-08)
Domestic Drilling OK, Just 'Not in My State,' Senators Say -CNS (5-23-08)
Tempers boil as energy execs, senators spar over oil -HChron (5-23-08)
Oil exec: Prices driven by 'fundamentals' -CNN (5-21-08)
US ethanol policy under siege in food-for-fuel debate -AFP (5-21-08)

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